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Wasare Project


Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

We all have something special, some skills that we have to “Wake Up, Stimulate” in order to participate in the development of our community, our country, our continent. In the Senegalese society, as well as in many societies around Africa, there are a lot of issues regarding the youth such as: Lack of vision and volunteerism spirit Not involved in community services, prefer stay at home Awareness in the realities of the country.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We have to engage more young people to be part of the development, because we are the future and it certainly has to start today and now. We truly believe that given the opportunity, they can be the change they want to see and do more to impact their communities. For that to happen, they: -During workshops, they will network with others youth, socialize, challenge themselves -Will work on projects that will help their communities -Will have soft skills training on entrepreneurship, leadership, team working, public speaking, -They will develop their critical thinking and learn how to be a change maker.


Project presented at UCONN during the Study of the U.S Summer Institute program

Founding Story

Everything has changed when I met the founders of Jjiguene Tech Hub, which is the first women tech network in Senegal. jjiguene tech aims to encourage, inspire and initiate more senegalese women to integrate the IT ecosystem through networking, training, mentoring and knowledge sharing. I have learnt from them that life is all about sharing and helping others. And i would like to share the gift that i have, my experience with students from high form high school specially. Because they are the future generation and they need to be guided. I would like to be part of this changing process.


WASARE team: I am the founder and project manager. Beside this project, I am also a co-founder of an E-learning plateforme www.samaskull.com, a team of four people with diverse assets. There are part of the project two of them are IT programmer and third one is a technical sales. We were in the same school together.



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