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The Girl-LEAD Project: Empowering girls with leadership and entrepreneurial skills.


There are a lot of girls today with great potentials to positively impact our world who lack the platform and empowerment to do so. The Girl-LEAD Project will empower girls with needed leadership and entrepreneurial skills to develop their potentials and contribute to positive impact in the society.
The Girl-LEAD Project provides a platform where young girls (without any discrimination in status, ethnic group, course of study, institution or religion) of senior secondary and college school age acquire the necessary leadership, entrepreneurial and allied skills needed to become entrepreneurial leaders and change-makers in the society. The program will entail intensive and interactive sessions and workshops, one on one mentoring from established individuals and organizations, Hands-on practical experience through placement in organizational facilities during holidays, Volunteerism and community service, Computer training and IT skills, and Vocational skills acquisition. We believe that by empowering girls, we are empowering the society

The Girl-LEAD Project will empower about 300 girls. Positive impact will be achieved when: • Girls realize their relevance and ability in building the society and solving social problems. • With mentorship from vibrant leaders in various fields, more girls are enlightened and encouraged to become leaders and entrepreneurs. • More girls are engaged in volunteering activities and community service. • More female change-makers are produced and motivated to solve problems and become role models for the younger generation. • Due to the opportunity to volunteer and gain practical hands-on working experience in organizations, their skills are enhanced and they have greater chance for employment. • The Gender Inequality Index of Nigeria is reduced since more girls are given the same opportunities as boys to become entrepreneurial leaders and change-makers.
Founding Story:
The idea was birthed when my sister told me that she wasn’t interested in joining an organisation in school which was involved in developing leadership potentials in youths because even the knowledge or skills she acquires won’t be utilized in the future. She further explained that leadership and entrepreneurship are only encouraged in men. I did some research and discovered female business leaders are still missing today even in developed countries. This status-quo is majorly because women are not given the same opportunities as men to become entrepreneurial leaders. More change-makers are needed than ever to solve problems affecting the world today and this can’t be left for the men alone.


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