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Evrnu™ – Recycling Garment Waste to Create Renewable Fiber


Evrnu fiber transforms cotton garment waste into textile fiber for the creation of premium garments. Our technology breaks waste down to the molecular level and rebuilds it in to new, useful and beautiful new products. We will guarantee that our fiber can be infinitely reused or safely composted.

What problem is this project trying to address?

The global textile and apparel industry relies on a vulnerable, resource intensive supply chain. It is one of the world’s largest contributors of toxic environmental waste affecting air, water and soil resources. The current method of production and disposition of textiles, creates 12 million tons of garment waste in the United States each year. All garments end up in landfills or are incinerated, causing environmental devastation.


Evrnu’s approach is differentiated by using a chemistry tolerant to trace contaminants, and coupling it with a purification process. This allows Evrnu use postconsumer garment waste that is currently sent to landfill. Evrnu has demonstrated fiber with good strength and dyeing characteristics, and has a management team with strong textile industry experience. We are working with a major US brand to create the first post consumer waste regenerated garment; they have a goal of creating a product assortment with 30% recycled or reclaimed content by the year 2030 and we hope to have a commercial test to consumers by 2017. We see a 70% reduction in negative environmental impact compared to conventional cotton.

Founding Story

Stacy has been deeply immersed in every part of the textile industry; from specialty brand development to managing fabric and garment development for multi-national corporations. In 2010, while on an extended stay in China, she toured several factories “behind the curtain” without corporate credentials and saw firsthand the devastating effects of the industry on people and the environment. Stacy couldn’t resist the urge to tackle what she calls “the greatest design challenge of the century”. Her mission in launching Evrnu is to invent new ways of doing business to generate wide sweeping systemic change and uncover solutions to the consumption of diminishing, finite natural resources.


Stacy Flynn, CEO & Co-Founder Stacy is a textile and apparel specialist with a BS in Textile Development and Marketing and an MBA in Sustainable Systems. She is a materials reuse specialist with 20 years of textile development and management experience. Christopher Stanev, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder Christopher is a textile technical specialist with an MS in Textile Engineering and an MBA in International Business. He has worked with major brands and retailers worldwide for more than 25 years. Kaye Counts, Chief Operating Officer Kaye has significant experience at the COO & CEO level and has worked for a wide range of businesses scaling production operations. Debra Griffith, Chief Financial Officer CFO for public & private companies with 20 years of experience, including manufacturing and early-stage growth companies. Andrew Mattox, Vice President, Sustainable Development With a background in geology, natural resources and risk management, Mattox holds an MBA in Sustainable Systems and is certified in sustainable energy solutions.


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